EVERY BUNNY NEEDS A HUG july 10,2021 @maggiecoollages collage is such a wonderful medium because it’s representative of everything (literally). each living being, place, and experience is a mashup of many beautiful, unique, rich, and confusing things. by collecting papers, pictures, fabrics, and memories and gluing them together, i am creating a microcosm of myContinue reading “MAGGIE COOLLAGES”

Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It

unchecked innocence by hannah hernandez @h44nnahh  reflections on the creative self-renaissance of forced isolation, and a promise to go through life with the same sweet, naive force, unimpeded by our late capitalist structure.   “…the same luxury I knew as a child, when everything I did was through a lens of awe and eagerness and determinationContinue reading “Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It”