Chloe Moriondo performing at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa

Chloe Moriondo recently released her latest album called “Suckerpunch,” and is on her homestretch of a month long, country-wide tour. She started off years ago doing covers on Youtube and has evolved into an electric little popstar taking her music around the world. Playing at the Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa on November 11, 2022. PhillyContinue reading “Chloe Moriondo performing at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa”

Soccer Mommy LIVE @ Town Ballroom Buffalo

Soccer Mommy (also known as Sophie Allison) took to the stage at Town Ballroom Buffalo, bringing her newest album Sometimes, Forever to life in a gorgeous way. Even though the show was in a smaller venue, Soccer Mommy did an incredible job using backdrops, decorations, and lighting to portray the scenery and overall witchy/whimsical vibeContinue reading “Soccer Mommy LIVE @ Town Ballroom Buffalo”


EVERY BUNNY NEEDS A HUG july 10,2021 @maggiecoollages collage is such a wonderful medium because it’s representative of everything (literally). each living being, place, and experience is a mashup of many beautiful, unique, rich, and confusing things. by collecting papers, pictures, fabrics, and memories and gluing them together, i am creating a microcosm of myContinue reading “MAGGIE COOLLAGES”

Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It

unchecked innocence by hannah hernandez @h44nnahh  reflections on the creative self-renaissance of forced isolation, and a promise to go through life with the same sweet, naive force, unimpeded by our late capitalist structure.   “…the same luxury I knew as a child, when everything I did was through a lens of awe and eagerness and determinationContinue reading “Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It”