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The Backseat Lovers Waiting To Spill Tour

This past summer The Backseat Lovers took over North America with their Waiting to Spill tour, making a stop in Pittsburgh, Pa on July 26, 2023. The scorching summer heat did not stop fans from forming lines at 10AM so that they could get to the barricade for the show. After many hours of intense…

Bleached Fest Curates the Perfect Summer Festival of Indie Pop Faves

San Diego, CA – August 5 & 6, 2023 One of my more rash decisions includes taking the Amtrak train down the gorgeous Californian coast, while preparing to cover a full weekend lineup of amazing indie-pop artists at Bleached Fest, curated by Tight Knit. I had never been to San Diego, nor seen the majority…

Daisy The Great & Kahone Concept at the Greensburg Music Festival

This past summer I was doing my aimless scroll on socials before bed and noticed that Daisy The Great along with Pittsburgh local artist Kahone Concept would be playing in my hometown at the Greensburg Music Festival. With only having the night before to prepare, I had no plans going into it. A FREE music…

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