To change or to stay? glaive’s new paradoxical teen anthem

18-year-old rising artist, glaive, continues his string of folk pop releases with his newest single, “as if.” The song is a catchy, gritty recounting of the teenage experience, which is often an overdone concept, but glaive executed it amazingly. As the first single of his debut album i care so much that i don’t careContinue reading “To change or to stay? glaive’s new paradoxical teen anthem”

Riovaz shines his stardom on Amsterdam

The chilled wind in a dark, twinkling city in the Netherlands blows through the population; despite this, a spark of energy flows through the Riovaz’s crowd in The Melkweg. Excited chatter from a large group of young Europeans easily spreads like wildfire, as all are awaiting the main act’s appearance. A slight “too cool forContinue reading “Riovaz shines his stardom on Amsterdam”