introducing space place

Space Place is an out of this world band from Upstate New York. I had the honor of speaking to them about some of their favorite things, and I’m hoping to see them play in real life any nanosecond now. Find them on Instagram @spaceplaceband and look out for new music. – Andi (08/27/2021)

a story of identity and love; an interview with gracie flores

We are kicking off pride month by interviewing LGBTQ+ filmmaker Gracie Flores about their most recent short film Bloom. Continue forward to read the article in its entirety. Thank you so much Gracie for being apart of this! It was a massive honor to get to interview you. I am so excited for your futureContinue reading “a story of identity and love; an interview with gracie flores”

Interview w Honey Crush – days at the pine garden

From finding inspo around their town, to recording in Nick’s bedroom, Honey Crush is a new Florida band that will make your little indie heart beat. Check em out in this interview where we talk about their upcoming EP, their recording process, their cover art, and more.

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Being a Black Guitar Player – an article by Adonai Mahoungou

“Playing the guitar has always been an escape from the real world for me.  It was where I could turn off my mind and focus on the music.” If you want to check out Adonai’s work, you can find him out here: Adonai’s LinkTree: Thank you so much Adonai. You are the best andContinue reading “Being a Black Guitar Player – an article by Adonai Mahoungou”

It definitely wasn’t broccoli: an interview with Briston Maroney

“Hand rolling cigarettes, talkin about LCD Soundsystem while walkin around Paris with my best friends was a feeling I’ll forever chase!!“ Thank you so much Briston for taking the time to be apart of our project. It means the world to us! We hope all is well and cannot wait to reunite with you somedayContinue reading “It definitely wasn’t broccoli: an interview with Briston Maroney”

to us from you

We had this idea to not only share the work of our favorite artists, but also the people who support us. Every Thursday we hope to feature three new artists who have submitted their work to us via email. These are the first three, we hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for checking theseContinue reading “to us from you”

oh, to be young again.

I’m Andi Aguilar, and you’re watching Disney Channel. This is a look into some of my childhood thoughts and shenanigans. It might remind you of being a kid, or maybe I was just weird and you didn’t do any of these things idk. Read the article to find out.

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