Chloe Moriondo performing at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa

Chloe Moriondo recently released her latest album called “Suckerpunch,” and is on her homestretch of a month long, country-wide tour. She started off years ago doing covers on Youtube and has evolved into an electric little popstar taking her music around the world. Playing at the Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa on November 11, 2022. PhillyContinue reading “Chloe Moriondo performing at The Foundry in Philadelphia, Pa”

San Diego band Beach Goons takes over the East Coast

Write up by Ella Donovan along with photos by Madalyn Schaller, if resharing images please credit and @almostfamouszine. Beach Goons played a lively set at the Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall on November 1, 2022. The San Diego based band brought in plenty of fans into the intimate venue, and everyone was thrilled forContinue reading “San Diego band Beach Goons takes over the East Coast”

Blake Rose on nostalgia, finding inspiration, and warm hugs from his hometown.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Blake and getting to know him. He also played an insane headline show that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Thank you so much Blake & team for this opportunity. Interview and photos by Andi Aguilar. Contact Please tag @andibopp and @almostfamouszine if reposting. Find Blake: https://www.blakerosemusic.comContinue reading “Blake Rose on nostalgia, finding inspiration, and warm hugs from his hometown.”

King Princess Stops in Pittsburgh, Pa For Their “Hold on Baby” Tour

This week, I attended multiple shows back to back. One of them was King Princess, who made a stop in Pittsburgh, PA on Tuesday October 11, 2022. They played at Stage AE for their Hold on Baby Tour. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, similar to King Princess, I felt that they didContinue reading “King Princess Stops in Pittsburgh, Pa For Their “Hold on Baby” Tour”


Photos by Andi Aguilar. Please credit @andibopp and @almostfamouszine if reposting. Contact I made a special book project out of these photos too. Check it out here: As many may know, Wallows are my favorite band of all time. It was truly an honor to take photos of them, and I hope thatContinue reading “WALLOWS LIVE AT PARAMOUNT THEATRE 04/01/22”


Claud live at Spirt Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa with openers KALI & Pat Coyle. Photos by: Madalyn Schaller. If reposting please credit & @almostfamouszine. Contact at


EVERY BUNNY NEEDS A HUG july 10,2021 @maggiecoollages collage is such a wonderful medium because it’s representative of everything (literally). each living being, place, and experience is a mashup of many beautiful, unique, rich, and confusing things. by collecting papers, pictures, fabrics, and memories and gluing them together, i am creating a microcosm of myContinue reading “MAGGIE COOLLAGES”


Photos by Andi Aguilar. If reposting, please tag @andibopp and @almostfamouszine. Contact at This was one of my favorite shows ever. The Regrettes never fail to pack the most energy and exhilaration into a set. These are some really special photos of some really special people. Enjoy.


“The LA based indie rock band Wallows has CERTAINLY done it again!” Melissa Hy recaps the new Wallows song “At the End of the Day,” a single off of their upcoming album Tell Me That It’s Over coming out on March 25th. All photos credit to Wallows “At The End of the Day” music videoContinue reading “AT THE END OF THE DAY… AND THE BEGINNING OF AN ERA by Melissa Hy”

Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It

unchecked innocence by hannah hernandez @h44nnahh  reflections on the creative self-renaissance of forced isolation, and a promise to go through life with the same sweet, naive force, unimpeded by our late capitalist structure.   “…the same luxury I knew as a child, when everything I did was through a lens of awe and eagerness and determinationContinue reading “Unchecked Innocence Will Never Die- Unless We Let It”


I luv sitcom stupid. This show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Photos by Andi Aguilar. Please give credit to @andibopp and @almostfamouszine if reposting. Contact

Interview with CLUBHOUSE @ the 9:30 Club

Januaury 21, 2022 in Washinton, DC we got to intervew Clubhouse about what touring is like since the Pandemic and more! Photos: Madalyn S. (instagram tag: ) Write Up: Ella D. (instagram tag: @elladxnovan)


Photos by Andi Aguilar. Contact at Please only repost with credit (tag @andibopp and @almostfamouszine on Instagram). Thank you to Samia’s team for allowing me to photograph this show. It was my first show with a photopass so it will always be really special to me. Love, Andi

introducing space place

Space Place is an out of this world band from Upstate New York. I had the honor of speaking to them about some of their favorite things, and I’m hoping to see them play in real life any nanosecond now. Find them on Instagram @spaceplaceband and look out for new music. – Andi (08/27/2021)

a story of identity and love; an interview with gracie flores

We are kicking off pride month by interviewing LGBTQ+ filmmaker Gracie Flores about their most recent short film Bloom. Continue forward to read the article in its entirety. Thank you so much Gracie for being apart of this! It was a massive honor to get to interview you. I am so excited for your futureContinue reading “a story of identity and love; an interview with gracie flores”

Interview w Honey Crush – days at the pine garden

From finding inspo around their town, to recording in Nick’s bedroom, Honey Crush is a new Florida band that will make your little indie heart beat. Check em out in this interview where we talk about their upcoming EP, their recording process, their cover art, and more.

It definitely wasn’t broccoli: an interview with Briston Maroney

“Hand rolling cigarettes, talkin about LCD Soundsystem while walkin around Paris with my best friends was a feeling I’ll forever chase!!“ Thank you so much Briston for taking the time to be apart of our project. It means the world to us! We hope all is well and cannot wait to reunite with you somedayContinue reading “It definitely wasn’t broccoli: an interview with Briston Maroney”

oh, to be young again.

I’m Andi Aguilar, and you’re watching Disney Channel. This is a look into some of my childhood thoughts and shenanigans. It might remind you of being a kid, or maybe I was just weird and you didn’t do any of these things idk. Read the article to find out.

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