the story of an artist: vol 2 of submissions

Thank you to everyone has taken the time to submit work to us so far! We love seeing what you create and being able to share it with new people. If you are interested in submitting your own pieces, email us at Be sure to write a few paragraphs about yourself and your workContinue reading “the story of an artist: vol 2 of submissions”

things that i’ve actually liked about quarantine

Quarantine for me has been nothing short of the most intense emotional roller coaster of my entire life.  Being sent home from college, the place where I truly felt independent and surrounded by so many people that I loved, seemed like the absolute end of the world.  As I drove home alone, to the cityContinue reading “things that i’ve actually liked about quarantine”

Interview with Ella Fields: A YOUNG FEMALE FILMMAKER

“If you don’t know who Ella Fields is by now, you must be living under a rock!” You’ve reached the end. Thank you Ella for taking the time to be apart of this project, it was an honor getting to interview you! If you’re interested in getting to know her further, check out her socialContinue reading “Interview with Ella Fields: A YOUNG FEMALE FILMMAKER”