Chappell Roan Dazzles Philly with Midwest Princess Tour 10/14

Reigning from a small town in Missouri, rising pop icon Chappell Roan has proven that high hopes and a little glitter can take you anywhere.  

After losing her initial label and becoming an independent artist, Chappell decided to use a daunting situation as an opportunity to create an authentic project. She began dedicating all of her time and creativity toward her album, eventually leading to the birth of the iconic single, “Pink Pony Club.” This hit not only perfectly encapsulated the energy of the album, but it also beautifully embodied Chappell as a person and musician. After a few years and multiple hit singles, Chappell finally released her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, in late September of 2023.

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Chappell Roan crowd Philly

When you think Chappell Roan, you think glitter, dancing, and gay people. Luckily, all three of those were present at the Philly date of the Midwest Princess Tour. This year, Chappell Roan brought both of her headline tours to Philadelphia. From the short span of February to October, the difference between both the energy and the size of the crowds was stark. The artist actually had to take a moment to stop and stare at the audience, as she noted it was the largest one she’d ever played to. 

Chappell’s bubbly stage presence, dominating vocals, and eccentric lyrics are just a few of the many reasons why her fans love her. Since she began touring, she has consistently had local drag queens from each city open her shows. Stating that this project that was once hers has now become “one shared by the entire LGBTQ+ community,” Chappell’s endearing personality is just another one of her star qualities. 

As she opened up the set with fan favorites like “Femininomenon” and “Casual,” the entire venue of people quickly demonstrated how excited they were to be there. It was clear that the artist has acquired a fan base that loves to dance just as much as she does. In fact, Miss Chappell was able to get over 2,000 people in The Fillmore to do a rip-off YMCA dance while singing “HOT TO GO!”. 

Reaching a more mellow part of the set, Chappell went on to play a love song called “Kaleidescope.” This ballad is heart-wrenching and beautiful– and proved to be an especially difficult one for the artist in Philly. Pausing multiple times to collect herself and her tears, the audience helped carry Chappell through the delicate tune, getting to share this intimate moment with the star. 

Of course no Chappell Roan show would be complete without a dazzling performance of “Pink Pony Club.” As the final song of her encore, Chappell gave what felt like the performance of a lifetime to our little Philly venue. Her energy was higher than ever, screaming and dancing along with her fans as if it was a sleepover in elementary school.

Chappell Roan is a vibrant force of nature that is taking the world by storm. It is clear that she is well on her way to becoming one of the most iconic stars of our generation.

Words and photos by Erika Lyijynen. If reposting please tag @almostfamouszine and @exrka.

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