boygenius: the tour

On September 30th, boygenius made a stop in Philadelphia while touring their debut album, The Record. Under a full moon, over 10,000 of us were able to share a heavenly night with the band.

Boygenius is the creation of three incredibly gifted, incredibly sad, indie artists. Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus all share the ability to write innately devastating yet beautiful music, which is one of the band’s most compelling powers. Using real experiences, real feelings, and real mistakes as their muse, the pure honesty of any boygenius song can send most people into tears. It’s also exactly why their fans love them so deeply. 

After announcing the release of their first-ever album, the band put out three heartstopping singles earlier this year. “$20,” “Emily I’m Sorry,” and “True Blue” embody the unique talents of each artist while still demonstrating the supergroup’s power to create captivating music together. They also make the perfect opening songs for an enchanting set. 

As Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus stormed the stage, it was immediately evident just how long the audience had waited for this moment. Thousands of screams could be heard throughout the venue, with the occasional sobbing and “I love yous” heard in between the intro chords of “$20.” 

boygenius Philadelphia 2023

By planting gut-wrenching lyrics over angelic melodies, every boygenius song provides a means of catharsis for their listeners. As their set continued, you could feel the crowd’s emotion just as strongly as the band’s. Playing both old and new hits like “Cool About It,” “Souvenir,” and “Stay Down,” song after song was met with open arms, open hearts, and intense screams from the audience. 

After making it through the first 10 songs, the crowd then had to emotionally prepare for three songs from the artists’ solo projects. “Please Stay,” “Favor,” and “Graceland Too” are individual singles from Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus that share one cohesive theme– living through it all. Starting with “Please Stay,” the artists moved through the heartbreaking pieces while highlighting the raw intimacy of loving your friends and wanting them to live.  

If there’s one thing you should know about boygenius, it’s that you should always stay for the encore. As our night was coming to an end, the long-awaited intro to “Salt In the Wound” began to play. While each show is different, you can expect to see the artists let go and experience childlike joy every time. Massive smiles, hugs, and even a kiss or two were shared as the boys closed the night. 

By embracing emotional vulnerability and the pure joy of existing around people you love, boygenius is a queer band that’s making headlines and healing hearts at the same time.

Photos and words by Erika Lyijynen. Please credit @exrka and @almostfamouszine if resharing on socials.

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