The Jungle Giants: a Riot at Bleached Festival

August 5, 2023 – San Diego, CA

Indie-pop-dance band, The Jungle Giants, blew away the American crowd at Bleached Festival in San Diego, California. The Australian four-piece band, hailing from Brisbane and Melbourne, met with Almost Famous Zine for portraits and allowed us a sneak peak into their world.

Relaxed, confident and utterly cool were the best words to describe The Jungle Giants. The band moved fluidly through a variety of poses in different locations for our portrait session, while still keeping a steady and easy conversation going. One of my favorite things to hear about was the band’s connections with their fans through the use of disposable cameras: at each show, they pass out a camera for fans to pose with, collecting it back at the end of the night to get developed. These photos are then later uploaded onto The Jungle Giants website for everyone to see.

Their sunny shining set was accompanied by a general lull in energy at first; but it only took a few confident strides and a hitting pop verse to get the crowd jumping and dancing with ease. I found that The Jungle Giants pulled the most energy out of the slower moving crowd than most acts at Bleached. A joy to listen to their ever-evolving sound, while also dancing like there’s no tomorrow to their energetic music, The Jungle Giants were a must-see at Bleached Festival (and any other shows they play).

Words and Photos by Patti Doud. If reposting, tag @piecesbypatti and/or @almostfamouszine.

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