“Everything in Between” and the Latest from Twentythreenineteen

In a world full of indie bands and short attention spans, it takes a certain kind of song to captivate new audiences. Luckily, twentythreenineteen was able to do just that with their latest single, “Everything in Between.” 

Twentythreenineteen is a genre-blending, Philly-based band who released their debut EP back in 2018. Their authentic music was immediately received with open arms, helping to quickly establish the band’s reputation in the local DIY scene. Since their initial releases years ago, the group has been sporadically dropping singles that have kept their fans coming back for more.

twentythreenineteen photo by Connor Rothstein

Their newest single, “Everything in Between,” hints at a new album and takes a much more upbeat route to discuss their varying anxieties. The song highlights the band’s indie side with a guitar-driven melody, retro tone, and catchy chorus. Sean McCall, the mastermind that started twentythreenineteen, mentioned that the song is based on “the idea of finding yourself inside a dream and setting your anxieties aside in that foreign world where all is calm.” The single perfectly mirrors how the ebb and flow of anxiety feels. The band managed to flawlessly balance palettes of pop-punk and indie rock while still showcasing their honest, emo roots. 

Creating a head-bopping beat with their bouncy guitar, echoing vocals, and genuine anxiety, twentythreenineteen’s latest single is bound to be playing in your car with the windows down this summer. 

Check out “Everything in Between” by twentythreenineteen on your favorite streaming service.

Article by Erika Lyijynen and photos by Connor Rothstein.

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