Duality of Woman by Laken Ellis – Share Your Story Submission

What is “Duality of Woman” about?

Duality of Woman is an oil painting on 12 square feet of canvas (2x36x24”) that took approximately 15 hours to finish. The woman in the painting is myself (Laken), in three different poses that make me appreciate my body and my strength! I LOVE this piece of work, and how much I feel it emphasizes my use of bold colors. Having creative outlets such as painting has always allowed me to see myself through different perspectives (and grow because of it)!

Laken Art's Duality of Woman oil painting.

About Laken:

Laken is a psychology student with a passion for art based in central Kentucky. Painting has always given her the space to decompress, learn more about herself, and explore with the different combinations of textures and colors. Choosing this piece, she feels that it represents her self-reflection through art, and how important the use of color is in her art. Laken hopes that she can inspire other students who may not necessarily be art majors to pursue their creative outlets!

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