Sam MacPherson Speaks About His Musical Inspiration Amid New EP Release

In the midst of the ever evolving scene of popular music, indie artist Sam MacPherson is splitting through with an originally organic sound, which can be heard on his newly released sophomore EP, Powerlines. Almost Famous Zine had the opportunity to gain a broader perspective on Sam’s creative process, inspirations and favorites; hopefully, the next time you give Powerlines a listen, you’ll see a new side to the project just like we did.

MacPherson, who is a grassroots rising artist, just wrapped up his first headlining tour. Before this, he attended college and applied the same determined work ethic he uses for his music by playing soccer at a division one level. Sam enlightened us on his favorite artists and music, which gave us the chance to hear these different sonic inspirations in his work. He wrapped up our interview by providing insight into his artistry, which we hope can give a unique listening perspective to Powerlines – out now on all platforms.

Photo credits to Maxwell Goldberg.

Q: What was your initial reasoning and inspiration for getting into music?
A: I was falling in love with creating music as I was realizing that it was something I was even capable of doing. It felt like the most natural progression of it consuming my life and becoming my job. Looking back, I didn’t spend time thinking or calculating how to create or write or sing- I started doing those things out of this new found necessity and passion.

Q: Tell us about a moment that inspired your latest release.
A: I remember writing “Maggie Will” in New Jersey a year ago and telling myself that I’d wait until I had an EP or album to put it out because I thought it was such a nice vignette of life. It is such a singular small moment that I was immediately inspired and curious to see what type of larger world I could build around it, or what musical world it could one day belong to.

Q: Who is one person that you wish you could see live?
A: Jimi Hendrix.

Q: What is your desert island album/artist?
A: I’d say the Beatles. They’re one of my all-time favorites and they’re discography is large enough to keep me occupied for at least a little while.

Q: What should new listeners know when listening to your new EP (or your music in general)?
A: That the songs come from a real place and my hope is that by listening, people are brought to or brought back to a real place of their own.

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