All Of This Will End: Indigo De Souza in Philly 5/23

Writing songs about topics that some people aren’t even comfortable speaking about, Indigo De Souza’s intense vulnerability is just one thing that makes her music so unique.  

In her new album, All Of This Will End, Indigo shared a new side of herself that embraces the things she once feared. Her earnestness and empathy allow her to demonstrate genuine emotion in her music, which helps listeners around the world feel an authentic connection to her and her struggles.  

On May 23rd, Philly was lucky enough to see Indigo De Souza in the bright lights of Union Transfer. Performing songs off her new record for the first time, the audience was delighted to share a night of tenderness, sorrow, and sentiment with the artist. 

Indigo opened her set with the first two tracks from her new album, titled “Time Back” and “You Can Be Mean.” In no time, she had the crowd losing their voices as they passionately shouted her intimate words back at her. The new music proved to be just as powerful as it sounded, sending audience members into tears almost instantaneously. As the show continued and she played hits from her prior records, songs like “How I Get Myself Killed” and “What Are We Gonna Do Now” only elevated the existentialism in the room. Indigo’s bold vocals mixed with profoundly personal lyrics and haunting sounds create an entrancing experience for anyone lucky enough to see her.  

For those questioning why things can get so hard, take a piece of advice from Indigo De Souza and remind yourself that all of this will end.  

Words and Photos by Erika Lyijynen, please credit @exrka & @almostfamouszine if reposting.

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