Black Belt Eagle Scout at Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia 

Black Belt Eagle Scout Philly

On April 17th, Black Belt Eagle Scout brought a show full of heart-stopping music and artistry to Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s. Released in February of this year, Katherine Paul’s new album The Land, The Water, The Sky, touches on her ancestral roots and the beauty of the world around her. The band opened with one of their most compelling new tracks, “My Blood Runs Through This Land,” which is also the opening track of their album. The room was bursting with guitar noises reminiscent of screams that slowly faded into silence. By the end of the first song, Black Belt Eagle Scout garnered every crowd member’s attention and had them begging for more. Playing new songs like “Nobody” and “On the River,” in addition to old hits like “Soft Stud” and “Sam, A Dream,” the set was a perfect mix of soft-spoken, melancholic melodies and hard-hitting rock. If you have the opportunity to catch Black Belt Eagle Scout on the last few dates of this tour, I guarantee you will be blown away by the beauty, grace, and power the band holds on stage. 

Words and Photos by Erika Lyijynen, please credit @exrka & @almostfamouszine if reposting.

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