Peach Pit Plays Pittsburgh

On December 10, Vancouver-based indie band Peach Pit stopped at the Roxian Theater for a sold out show as part of their Right Down The Street Tour. After years of attempting to see the band live, writer Ella Donovan and photographer Madalyn Schaller were finally able to attend a show in their hometown of Pittsburgh!

Band members include singer and rhythm guitarist Neil Smith, lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy, bassist Peter Wilton, and drummer Mikey Pascuzzi. On this tour, they have also been joined by multi-instrumentalist Dougal Bain McLean on synth, guitar, and fiddle. Throughout their entire performance, each musician gave it their all. The stage was bursting with energy, and it was contagious. The moment that Peach Pit began their set, the entire venue began radiating a cathartic vibe that could be felt from the barricade all the way up to the top of the balcony. 

The musicianship that was shown throughout Peach Pit’s set was insane. They seamlessly blended well together, and each member shined on their instruments. They were well rehearsed and sounded just like their recorded music, which is difficult to accomplish and very impressive. Each band member contributed their own energy to the show, and when they combined, the outcome was incredible.

 In between songs, Neil told the stories behind many of the songs on the setlist. He naturally connected with the crowd, and spoke to the crowd as if they were his close friends. This gave the show an intimate feel, and surely made it memorable for the audience. Personally, I enjoyed getting to learn why these songs were written and what life experiences they came from. 

The vibe of Peach Pit’s music may seem like their live set would be calm and mellow, but the band truly knows how to captivate an audience. There was jumping, screaming, singing, and crying, which all made this night special for those lucky enough to get a ticket. Both Madalyn and I agree, Peach Pit is worth seeing live. Be sure to listen to their most recent album From 2 to 3, and grab tickets the next time they play near you!

Write up by Ella Donovan (@elladxnovan) along with photos by Madalyn Schaller. If reposting please credit @almostfamouszine &

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