Don’t be shy, go listen to Hunny!

On November 10, 2022, California-based band Hunny made a stop at the Thunderbird Café & Music Hall. As the last show of their headlining run, the band showed that they were ready to rock the venue! Write up by Ella Donovan along with photos by Madalyn Schaller. If re-posting images please credit @almostfamouszine &

To start the show, Hunny invited The Sonder Bombs from Cleveland, Ohio to open for them. Band members Willow Hawks (vocals/guitar/ukulele), Jimmy Wilkens (guitar/keyboard), and Jer Berkin (drums) took the stage, and quickly amped up the crowd. The band had a very unusual, but enjoyable sound because they incorporated ukulele into a heavier pop-rock genre. While it was different, The Sonder Bombs made the sounds cohesive. Not only did they have great instrumentals, but lead singer Willow Hawks had a voice that carried to the back of the venue. She had great vocal energy and was able to belt high notes without any struggle. This up and coming band is definitely one to keep on your radar!

After a short turn-around, Hunny came onto the stage and began their set. They started with their newly released song “JFK.” The moment that they began to play the song, the crowd went wild. Everyone was excited to hear this new material live because “JFK” had only come out three days earlier. As the set progressed, many fan favorites such as “Shy,” “Saturday Night,” and “Xbox Luvr” were played. In the front row, fans were scream-singing along, and lead singer Jason Yager was sure to let them shine. He had these fans sing into his microphone, which really made the night special. He was sure to acknowledge his audience frequently, and have personal moments with as many of the fans as possible.

In between songs, lead guitarist Jake Goldstein took moments to talk to the crowd. He knew how to transition from one song to the next, while interacting with the fans at the same time. Not only was he great at this, but every guitar part he played was seamless and catchy. Hunny would not be the band it is without these dreamy guitar riffs!

Keeping the beat for the show was drummer Joey Anderson. His energy was intense and transferred into the crowd with every bass drum sound he hit. The audience could not stop themselves from bobbing their heads and dancing to his rhythms. Joey’s drummer face was also priceless. You could really tell that he enjoys playing with the band.

To end the show, Hunny played their hit songs “Televised,” “Vowels,” and “Homesick.” The entire crowd was jumping, dancing and singing along to the songs. Hunny continuously increased their energy levels until the room was radiating with vigor. As the band exited the stage after the encore, both Jason and Jake tossed their guitar picks into the pit, and fans scrambled to get them. Also, Jason personally gave a setlist to a devoted fan in the front row. She was ecstatic, and you could tell that the gesture meant a lot to her. 

    Hunny’s show at the Thunderbird was action-packed. Their setlist was full of amazing songs, their musicianship showed, and the energy that each band member brought to the stage was contagious. The joy that radiated from this band spread to each and every audience member. If you have the chance to see Hunny live, make sure you take it. 

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