San Diego band Beach Goons takes over the East Coast

Write up by Ella Donovan along with photos by Madalyn Schaller, if resharing images please credit and @almostfamouszine.

Beach Goons played a lively set at the Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall on November 1, 2022. The San Diego based band brought in plenty of fans into the intimate venue, and everyone was thrilled for singer and guitarist Pablo Cervantez to take the stage. 

Throughout their set, Beach Goons mixed in both their upbeat and slower songs. During the faster songs, such as their hit song Choker, fans began to jump and dance, and eventually a mosh pit opened up! Pablo was sure to get the crowd off of their feet. During the slower songs, fans sang the lyrics to each other and to the band. You could tell how impactful Beach Goons’ music was to many of the fans at the show. While a portion of the crowd was not as familiar with the band, it was clear that they would become fans after the performance. 

Both Pablo and his band members created an enjoyable environment for some amazing music. Their style is a mix of surf, punk and cumbia music that has many melodic elements that instantly suck their listeners in. In addition to the catchy bass lines, the drummer was also very talented and clearly had a passion for his music. Also, Pablo’s voice carried effortlessly across the venue. 

If you have not listened to Beach Goons before, you are really missing out. Their songs are well written and catchy, and their live performance is even better. Be sure to catch them before the end of their North American Run: you won’t be disappointed!

Opening the show was the band Bed. The energy they produced for the crowd was super fun, and they showed their enjoyment while on stage. Each band member has a different style, both in fashion and music. While this may prevent other musicians from blending well, Bed did an amazing job, and they combined to create cohesive, catchy music. They are a newer upcoming band, but have lots of potential. I would suggest checking them out. I have a feeling they are going to grow very quickly with the talent they have to offer.

The second opener of the night was Baltimore based band Moon Tide Gallery. They played a mellow yet energetic set, playing both their original songs and a cover. Moon Tide Gallery has a very dreamy and surreal sound, which is perfect for relaxing and chilling out. 

The band’s style was very cohesive, and while each member had their own creative touch, they made sense playing together. The indie feel of their music stayed present even while each person contributed different stylistic sounds. The chemistry between the members was clear, and created a melodious set for the crowd to get warmed up with. 

I would highly recommend giving their music a listen- both their lyrics and musical talent really combine to create some amazing music!

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