King Princess Stops in Pittsburgh, Pa For Their “Hold on Baby” Tour

This week, I attended multiple shows back to back. One of them was King Princess, who made a stop in Pittsburgh, PA on Tuesday October 11, 2022. They played at Stage AE for their Hold on Baby Tour. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, similar to King Princess, I felt that they did great representing the community by showing others that their concerts are a safe space. King Princess knew how to make the show feel warm and welcoming to everyone attending. 

As King Princess opened with the song “Little Brother” off the album Hold on Baby, fans from the front row all the way to the back were screaming out instantly. They were engaging with fans at the barricade by looking at them and waving while performing. Following that song,  they then moved into another hit off the new album called “Cursed”. Between songs, King Princess talked about being non-binary and how they got to pick their family in the music industry. This was when they thanked the band and called them their chosen family. This moment was special for a lot of the fans, along with being a very important message. 

The night continued with hit songs “Hit the Back,” “Pussy is God,” and “Talia.” All of the fans were screaming all night long, especially during each song. King Princess even mentioned how energetic the crowd was and encouraged them to keep it up. King Princess then ended the night with the throwback hits “1950” and “Ohio.” Both myself and others around me were ecstatic to finally hear these songs live. Hearing a song that you have been listening to for years creates such a surreal moment. 

Opening for King Princess was singer St. Panther. She brought on a cool and collected vibe to the start of the show.

Following her performance, local drag queen Boo Barrymore put in a killer Queen performance.. see what I did there. This was their first show back home in three years. 

Write up along with images by Madalyn Schaller.

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