The BIG three with Wunderhorse

Meet Wunderhorse: they are a rock-alternative band from the UK, supporting Fontaines DC on their most recent tour. Today, October 7, Wunderhorse’s debut album “Cub” is out on all streaming services! While they were on tour, our Director of Photography Madalyn got the opportunity to chat with them all. Live at Spirt Hall in Pittsburgh, Pa on October 4. Please credit if reposting images.

Who is Wunderhorse? 

Jacob : Wunderhorse is all of us, Jacob (Vocals and Guitar), Harry (Guitarist), Pete (Bassist), and Jamie (Drums). It started off as a solo idea, but quickly became apparent that it was a band. It pretty much solidified once we had this line up. Wunderhorse is an engine for making music. 

What brought the idea for your new album? 

Jacob: There were songs that were lurking around and needed to be documented. Some of them date back to 2017, and the others are newer. When Covid put a stop to everything, it was on hold for a few years, so it became a necessity to get everything out. 

Best piece of advice for other upcoming artists? 

Harry: I think just be careful with certain scenes and don’t get lost with yourself. Make sure you try to find your own thing rather than trying to do the really cool things. 

Jamie: Do what you want to do when you want to do it, and be happy. The rest will come to you. 

After this interview, Madalyn was able to enjoy the performance and capture more moments with her camera. The band performed both new songs and released singles “Teal” and “Butterflies,” which are Madalyn’s favorites. It was so exciting to listen to them live, and their stage presence is very strong. Tonight, Wunderhorse is headlining at the Mercury Lounge in New York to honor their album. Wunderhorse is a band that we can’t wait to see grow in the near future!

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