the diary of a teenage girl

I’M SICK OF HIDING ALL MY THOUGHTS! A journal is here to listen. I need to use it…damn!

This is something I sat and contemplated doing because a journal is something so personal and beautiful full of secrets and stories just for yourself. But I felt like it would be really cool to just share a few, less personal parts of my journal. This article will include collages I’ve done, things I’ve drawn and a little pieces I wrote about no one in particular. Enjoy these little snippets of my life through my eyes.

So that is all. I’ve given up a small piece of me that I haven’t had the courage to share before. It feels weird but exciting. A lot of these pieces were made by a younger more naive version of myself. Its strange to look back on who I once was and what I believed would come out of my life (and how wrong I was).

Writing about your feelings and your life is something so special. I highly encourage everyone to do it. You can write about anything. It’s so therapeutic. I bought this journal back in 2016 and there are still so many pages to be filled, it was always so hard for me to do it. But it has now become such an important part of my day. Every night I sit alone, with my favorite playlist on, writing all my feelings out or even drawing them. It’s one space you can truly be your self. NO judgement, NO fear, just you and everything you have to say.

Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time,

Katelyn XX

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